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Estanterías Japonesas has a strict environmental protection policy that is based on upholding sanitary and safety regulations and ensuring environmental protection. We strive to minimize our energy use and manage both waste and gas emissions (solid liquid effluents and gas effluents). We have conducted a rigorous environmental impact analysis to identify emissions resulting from our operations and the surrounding environment. At the same time, we have implemented measures to minimize the negative impact of our operations and taken the correspond actions to adapt and/or improve our processes.

Environmental safety and control are as important to Estanterías Japonesas as product quality, low costs and customer service. All of those employed by Estanterías Japonesas are dedicated to upholding these norms to ensure social development and wellbeing.

Internally, we have operational work standards that allow us to identify the most critical qualitative and quantitative environmental aspects, prioritizing prevention in all cases.

Environmental protection is a critical part of our business policy. The company complies with all applicable laws on safety, industrial hygiene and the environment at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

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