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Picking Shelves

Picking System

Ideal for manual merchandise storage. This shelving model is designed for warehouses used for heavy, large pieces or packages.
Thanks to its flexibility and large storage capacity, this system is used for automobile parts, rolled products, furniture, bags of various products, large industrial parts, drums, boxes, etc.
The system offers the solution for storing general stock, making use of both vertical and horizontal spaces.
The structure design is robust and resistant, comprised of frames and beams that allow for installations with varying storage capacity to adapt to the quantity of modules and levels permitted in the space available.

Operating Features

Resolves storage issues such as product organization and classification.

Load level can be regulated to fit the product shape.

This system has a wide variety of accessories that ensure universal storage.

This type of installation also allows for aisles or corridors between shelves at the levels permitted by the sector.

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