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Dynamic Picking Shelves

Dynamic Picking

This type of shelf has loading levels that are angled to ensure that loading is done rapidly.
The loading levels are profiles with small plastic wheels on the inside. The wheel installation varies according to the size of packages that the shelf will be used to store.
The load is placed at the highest level and then slides towards the other end along the plastic wheels (force of gravity). This system allows products to be exchanged without interfering in the replacement or withdrawal of the load, thus minimizing the delivery time for the required products.

Operating Features

This system is recommended for the “picking” areas of materials or in areas with a high level of rotation.

It is perfect for short-term stocks, allowing ordered products to be separated and/or shipped immediately.

The loading levels are designed to be adjusted and the angle can be regulating, ensuring easy access and quick item replacement.

Its use is recommended for all sectors in which packages or pieces must be handled quickly and in the assembly line of different industries (especially the automobile industry).

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