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Push Back Palleting Shelves

Push Back

This type of installation allow for convenient selection and support of different packages in order to store the greatest amount of stock per square meter and thus take full advantage of the tunnel depth.
In this system, the pallets are placed on rolling carts, the last of which is pushed by the motorized elevators when the elevator stores the following load.
The unloading is based on the LIFO principle (Last In First Out).

Operating Features

Better use of space, no space between packages.

Maximum load capacity per square meter.

By dividing the installation in tunnels, loading and unloading becomes easier thanks to direct access to stocks.

The carts where the pallets are loaded are mounted on reinforced rollers.

The angle of the rolling tracks allow the pallet carts to roll gently, protecting stock from jolts.

It is a useful system for a variety of products.

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