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Penetrable Palleting Shelves

Penetrable System

This installation is ideal when the products to be stored are comprised of batches with similar features, and for products that do not require speedy rotation.
This system allows the motorized elevator full access to the aisle or corridor of the warehouse, taking full advantage of the space available in terms of both square meters and height (LIFO System).
With this model, clients lower their storage costs thanks to the fact that the integrated structure increases the impact resistance considerably.

Operating Features

solution for storing a large volume of pallets as the use of aisle space is maximized.

Full use of the available area.

Maximum storage volume.

Maximum reduction of the number of aisles.

Allows for different batch quantities depending on the number of corridors.

The load can be entered through a single entry point (drive-in) or through two entry points (drive through), one on each side of the shelf.

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